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Small town junkie ‘ Pleasantville ‘

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Wentworth Episode 410 will feature the Pleasantville song ‘ Small town junkie ‘

The song is our ode to the groovy  trippy  sixties with it’s twangin ‘GET SMART’ guitars

here is a link to the album

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Cherry Flambe , undivided love .


cherry flabe claws

Undivided love ( sample )

This year i have had the privilege of making an album for Cherry Flambe with musician/producer Dick Prestondick preston .

You might call the music retro sounding . I can’t call the music retro because Cherry is from another era ,  for her & Dick this sound is ‘ now ‘ .

Stay tuned for more Cherry .


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Wentworth season 4

Work has started on season 4 of Wentworth . I’m enjoying getting stuck in to the music .

The girls are in their new jail and enjoying the new facilities .

There are some new faces and a few old ones people will be happy to see again.

( i’m being careful not to give anything away ) . cheers , R .



Wentworth season 3 new opening theme

Season 3 has a fresh version of the opening theme  , it’s grittier and more primal to reflect the journey of the girls .

A full song version of the theme is available on the Itunes website along with other instrumental pieces from the series,

– here is a link . Enjoy .

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In Amsterdam

Steven Berendsen from the Dutch production of Wentworth ( cell blok h ) yesterday kindly showed me around their set in Alkmaar and also introduced me to their sound department . They film in a disused real prison  . The prison is famous for once being home for Willem Holleeder the man who kidnapped Freddie Heineken . It feels a bit like the old Pentridge ( blue stone college ) . You can read scratched messages in the walls made by prisoners ‘ I will never talk ‘  it’s very spooky . Looking forward to coming home to be with my family .  

Alkmaar prison .


 Me with the view from my street . Singel Canal .