richard pleasance



Richard’s recording studio is a lovingly custom-made mud brick studio with boutique timbers and tear drop shape. Nestled in the Elevated Plains (near Daylesford Victoria Australia) it faces north with views to Mount Franklin.

The drum room is vibey and live sounding.

Here are some pics.

9 thoughts on “Studio

  1. I’m really interested in the full version of the Wentworth theme. “You don’t know me, but I know you” I find the song haunting and soul binding and I cannot get enough of it. Well done!

  2. do you actually use the mci/sony 8 track? i have 2 half inch four tracks headed for a dumpster

  3. What synths & samplers were used for the original ‘Wentworth’ theme? Was it the Nord Modular & NI Maschine? Thanks for the great track!!!!

  4. Hi Richard, thanks for coming to listen the other night at the Radio Springs. I am keen to do some recording and wanted to know about rates and whether are available in coming months to record a handful of songs.

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