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Farewell beautiful Uncle Archie Roach

I’m gutted by the loss of Archie , i feel so blessed to have had the pleasure of making an album for Archie . It was in my tiny backyard shed studio in South Caulfield in 2001 that Paul Kelly and myself put down the backing tracks , recorded and mixed Archie’s incredible voice. He sang shirt off, arms spread like a bird and eyes closed . Nearly every take would have Paul or myself in tears .He was shy and humble yet i always felt i was in the presence of some kind of deep timeless royalty . Archie was staying in a hotel whist we were recording , my wife Michelle would cook a roast lamb or chicken for him periodically as he much preferred home cooking. He really loved the roast lamb. My kids were young at the time and Archie loved their company . we really felt like he was part of the family by the time we had completed the album. We are all going to miss him deeply .