richard pleasance


Sea Change

SeaChange was my first real job working with film, it came about by me hassling a film industry colleague for years asking for a job.  He eventually called me and told me about a little show with Sigrid Thornton in it, could be ok etc etc i’ll send you some scripts. ‘ I”LL DO IT ‘ i said and immediately knocked up 5 or 6 pieces to show them my feel. Luckily i got the job and the show went on to be one of Australia’s most loved and successful TV series. It was obvious from the start that the music needed to be acoustic and organic. I used a lot of dobro and small stringed things like banjo mandolins. The closing song received an APRA award – pretty chuffed .

She’s My Mother

Sea Change (closing song)

3 thoughts on “Sea Change

  1. Well done Richard. I literally changed the direction of my life as a result of watching Seachange. Your music is the unseen emotional backbone that ties the scenes together. I couldn’t imagine the show without your wonderful, freeing, scores

  2. Chris, my gosh yes! That is exactly how I feel/felt too! Sitting here typing this listening to ‘She’s My Mother’ and reminiscing of old Seachange days gone by – a beautiful nostalgia for what was… Perfectly summed up by Richard’s incredibly soul-feeling music. Magical! Thank you Richard, for making us feel and believe we’re all on this ride together 🙂

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