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Sea Change

SeaChange was my first real job working with film, it came about by me hassling a film industry colleague for years asking for a job.  He eventually called me and told me about a little show with Sigrid Thornton in it, could be ok etc etc i’ll send you some scripts. ‘ I”LL DO IT ‘ i said and immediately knocked up 5 or 6 pieces to show them my feel. Luckily i got the job and the show went on to be one of Australia’s most loved and successful TV series. It was obvious from the start that the music needed to be acoustic and organic. I used a lot of dobro and small stringed things like banjo mandolins. The closing song received an APRA award – pretty chuffed .

Here’s a bit of silly trivia , Wendy who sings the closing theme is a massive Carlton football club fan ( like me )we text each other every game still to this day.- Go Blues.

She’s My Mother

Sea Change (closing song)

Meredith’s theme

14 thoughts on “Sea Change

  1. Well done Richard. I literally changed the direction of my life as a result of watching Seachange. Your music is the unseen emotional backbone that ties the scenes together. I couldn’t imagine the show without your wonderful, freeing, scores

  2. Chris, my gosh yes! That is exactly how I feel/felt too! Sitting here typing this listening to ‘She’s My Mother’ and reminiscing of old Seachange days gone by – a beautiful nostalgia for what was… Perfectly summed up by Richard’s incredibly soul-feeling music. Magical! Thank you Richard, for making us feel and believe we’re all on this ride together 🙂

  3. Hi
    I’m searching for bones Blaxell’s Breath. Was it ever recorded?
    Clare Levy

    • Thanks Clare , I recorded it for the show only . I think I have the longer version of it somewhere but locating it is tricky because it’s on the old format of DAT in a box gathering dust . It’s possibly on the third CD we released . I’ll keep an eye out for ya.

      • Did you ever fins bones Blaxell’s Breath? My wife and I are also looking or it, and more like it
        Thank you for you time and effort – – –

      • Thanks Dan , that theme firmly lives in that episode, I did include it on the third Sea change CD release but I’m not sure if you can buy it anymore.
        I am going to release a new album of instrumental music this year though .
        Cheers , Richard

  4. Richard I Love your music in Seachange especially the opening credit music. Love the use of percussion in that.

  5. Richard,
    My wife and I absolutely adore “Seachange”. As we went through the episodes, I kept on remarking to her that the series music composer was a true “Mozart”! Now that we have the 2-cd score, it goes on practically every day! Would love to know if you’ve scored other series; would buy them as well.
    Your music truly underscores the emotion of the show, and helps to flesh out the characters.
    My wife and I hope you and yours are safe during this time. Would love to send you a letter ( handwritten of course). Also have my own very tiny studio, and hearing from talented people such as you assist in providing guidelines into the creative process.
    Thanks for everything!

  6. Absolutely love this – fell in love with soundtrack as soon as I heard Meredith’s theme. Say, you wouldn’t happen to where to find the full soundtrack online would you? I’ve been looking for it everywhere and haven’t found a way to even listen to it let alone buy it.

    • Thanks Ash , that’s very sweet of you.
      Have you tried Apple itunes or Spotify ?
      If there’s no joy there let me know.


      ps- I like Meridith’s theme too

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