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Wentworth season 2 new opening titles music

WENTWORTH Season 2 has new opening titles music performed by ‘ Pleasantville ‘

The idea came to me driving through Woodend on my way home from Melbourne   . I quickly jotted it down on my portable recorder ( phone )and recorded it the next day with Michelle singing the chant over & over until it sounded like a choir.

I hope you like it , if you don’t – hang in there , it grows on you .




New Pleasantville album on itunes

Screen shot 2014-05-19 at 6.37.34 PM

PLEASANTVILLE ( Michelle and i) have just released a new album called  ‘ just another girl with an old guitar ‘ .

The songs are moody ,wistful , honest and sometimes funny. Most of the songs started as instrumental cues for various TV productions  . Michelle hears them in the kitchen and adds lyrics , i add some more herbs and spices and an album is born .

Here is a link to the iTunes download

I hope you enjoy it , Cheers . Richard P