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Wentworth season 2 new opening titles music


WENTWORTH Season 2 has new opening titles music performed by ‘ Pleasantville ‘

The idea came to me driving through Woodend on my way home from Melbourne   . I quickly jotted it down on my portable recorder ( phone )and recorded it the next day with Michelle singing the chant over & over until it sounded like a choir.

I hope you like it , if you don’t – hang in there , it grows on you .



123 thoughts on “Wentworth season 2 new opening titles music

  1. The moody ambiance reminds me of Daniel Lanois.

  2. The show Wentworth finally available on Netflix Canada! Love the song You Don’t Know Me 🙂

  3. Where can I download it?

  4. Loving Wentworth here in the uk and love the theme tune.

  5. Is there a place I can download this as a ringtone? LOVE!!!

  6. Awesome show and opening song. Just downloaded it as my ringtone. I’m a brit living in Canada. I am able to tell my Canadian guy all words he doesn’t know. He has never heard of a prison guard being called a screw before 🌝

  7. Hi, Richard! Is there a full version of this particular version of the theme song?

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