richard pleasance


Brothers Nest

This was a glory job for me , to be working with the hilariously funny and talented Jacobson brothers on a film set in rural Victoria was immensely satisfying.The script is dark and moody festering with atmosphere . Chuck in some razor sharp humor and a bucket full of warmth and it’ a recipe for an awesome movie .

For this movie i needed to create an expansive soundscape that could reach into the soul of the movie . It taps into the universal feelings of love , jealousy and greed , basically …. family shit.

I was supplying music to Clay well in advance of shooting the film , this is a little unusual but Clay felt it gave him an understanding of the ’emotional finger print’ he was chasing . He later asked me to perform several tracks to the cast and crew on location to help establish the mood he was looking for in the film. I brought my secret weapon ( Memphis Joe ) down to the strange house / set on a cold drizzly day and did as Clay asked. Clay is a fabulous film maker , he truly loves and understands the combination of music and cinema .