richard pleasance




 Management contact .
Norman Parkhill
INSYNCLevel 2, 102 Pyrmont St


T +61 2 9660 2210


Email Richard

7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Looking for a copy of Galleon, hard to find.

    • Hi Gavin , it was deleted yerars ago . We are looking into re-releasing it on itunes .

      Keep an eye out i guess . if not – ebay might be good .


  2. Hi I am wondering were I can buy a copy of the album Colourblind. I am especially interested in the song Mythology. Cheers John

    • Hi John , you could try amazon or ebay , it was officially deleted from the record company’s list when sony took over the world .

      Good luck , cheers , Rich

  3. Hi Rich, I have to say well done on the soundtrack of wentworth! I love it!! With every track, I can visualise exactly what is happening. Is there a volume 2 coming out any time soon? As I noticed in season 3 that there a few tracks that I would love to see on there, mainly the track played at the beginning of each episode when the previous episode recap is on, also the track that is played when Jodie Spiteri is having her cell tossed and they find drugs, I can’t remember if it is episode 2/3 in season 3.

    Thanks & keep up the good work!

  4. Richard
    Thank you for the beautiful Crooked River album
    I think it is sublime
    I am a bit old world and I wonder how do I purchase this music
    To send to some friends of mine as a gift
    Kind regards
    Mike Keaney

    How d

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