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Wentworth has been a very exciting series to compose for . It is gritty and uncompromising . It’s a raising of the bar for Australian TV.

All 9 seasons have now been released for streaming. For this TV series I experimented with sampling old electric fans , slowing them down to give you the claustrophobic impression of blood rushing through your ears .

As the series progressed i started to open up the palette of sounds to include more evocative sounds. I found that an Indian traditional instrument called a  ‘Sarangi’ was perfect for certain characters , it has a tribal-catlike sound .  For Joan I liked to use a bowed Sitar . It seemed to tap into her more sinister thoughts. For tender moments  and particularly the indigenous sisters i sometimes used samples of my wife gently humming .

Bea sus of Jacs

What’s ya name?

Arise queen Bea

Cell toss

Some Wentworth cues

1. Bea bashes Will

2. The Big Show down

3. Two girls theme

4. A rare gentle theme from season 1.

5. Bea and Alley passion.

6. Joan’s end game ( final season)

150 thoughts on “Wentworth

  1. Hi

    just wondering when will season 6 be out in Canada I’m from Newfoundland and I am dying here to see the next season I love it.. I wish I could download that song bea and allie passion I love the beat to it…

    • Wow Newfoundland , that sounds exotic and remote , it never ceases to amaze me how I can be heard so far away . I’m not sure when WW will be released over there but you are spoilt for choice of good quality tv these days , you’ll just have to wait .
      Cheers from Australia.

  2. Hello! been devouring episodes of Wentworth season by season in record time but I am currently stuck in season -6 episode 5 – bitter pill becquse I am trying (unsuccessfully) to find the song at the end of this episode. Would you kindly refer me to it please? Dying to listen to it, makes me feel at home, dont know how else ot explain it!

  3. Hello Richard, I was wondering if there is a soundtrack including season 5 songs in it that’s been released yet. If not, is there anywhere could I look to stay updated?

    • Hi Cameron , sorry no there isn’t a soundtrack including work from 4,5,6 and 7 but there is one on the way .
      I know I’m terrible at updating this website but if you check in from time to time I will mention when it is done . Cheers

  4. The Bea and Alley passion track is one of the most beautiful tracks i’ve heard – i absolutely love the buildup and beauty in this track. Can’t stop listening, well done!

    • thanks Sarah , it’s funny i get a lot of comments on that one , perhaps it’s the gravity of the moment.

    • Hey hey rich, just wondering if you were responsible for the theme when kaz meets her end. It’s sooo good. I need to hear that in full…

      • Yes Zsolt , i like that one too. It’s nice being given so much freedom in this series ,
        A lot of producers would have demanded a typical sad track there. I think sadness is so much more powerful when it isnt rammed down your throat with music.
        There is a similar moment when Bea dies , Also Debbie . Thanks

  5. Hi rich I just listened and downloaded Wentworth vol 2 score album. I’m so happy Allie and Bea passion is on it, however it sounds different to what it did in the series. Also is there any chance you could upload the alternative version on here? The version that played in s05e05 belly of the beast when Allie was looking through Bea’s belongings. It also plays at the end of season 4 when Bea is in medical and Allie is in the coma. Id love to listen to that version.

    • Cheers Chris , you have a keen ear but alas I’m done with opening up that session , I won’t be returning there – it’s onwards and upwards .

  6. Hey Rich, the track that plays when sean brody shoots “vera” is sooo amazing, it’s a shame that it’s not on Vol. 2 it’s one of the best! Is there anyway you could upload that here ;o

  7. Hi very late to the party but just wanted to share, I’m from Scotland and was watching Wentworth for the first time, really loved the short but impactful Frankie’s goodbye, looked it up and found myself here. Just can’t be overstated how much music makes such an emotional impact to the visual medium, and that certain tunes resonate so much more beyond that….thankyou!

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