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Wentworth has been a very exciting series to compose for . It is gritty and uncompromising . It’s a raising of the bar for Autralian TV.

Seasons 1 , 2 ,3 and 4 have aired . Season 5 is currently in production . For this TV series I experimented with sampling old electric fans , slowing them down to give you the claustrophobic impression of blood rushing through your ears .

I occasionally suffer from anxiety attacks so i know the feeling .

Bea sus of Jacs

What’s ya name?

Arise queen Bea

Cell toss

Some Season 4 examples

1. Bea bashes Will

2. The Big Show down

3. Two girls theme

4. A rare gentle theme from season 1.

5. Bea and Alley passion.

140 thoughts on “Wentworth

  1. Hello! been devouring episodes of Wentworth season by season in record time but I am currently stuck in season -6 episode 5 – bitter pill becquse I am trying (unsuccessfully) to find the song at the end of this episode. Would you kindly refer me to it please? Dying to listen to it, makes me feel at home, dont know how else ot explain it!

  2. Hello Richard, I was wondering if there is a soundtrack including season 5 songs in it that’s been released yet. If not, is there anywhere could I look to stay updated?

    • Hi Cameron , sorry no there isn’t a soundtrack including work from 4,5,6 and 7 but there is one on the way .
      I know I’m terrible at updating this website but if you check in from time to time I will mention when it is done . Cheers

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