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Wentworth has been a very exciting series to compose for . It is gritty and uncompromising . It’s a raising of the bar for Australian TV.

All 9 seasons have now been released for streaming. For this TV series I experimented with sampling old electric fans , slowing them down to give you the claustrophobic impression of blood rushing through your ears .

As the series progressed i started to open up the palette of sounds to include more evocative sounds. I found that an Indian traditional instrument called a  ‘Sarangi’ was perfect for certain characters , it has a tribal-catlike sound .  For Joan I liked to use a bowed Sitar . It seemed to tap into her more sinister thoughts. For tender moments  and particularly the indigenous sisters i sometimes used samples of my wife gently humming .

Bea sus of Jacs

What’s ya name?

Arise queen Bea

Cell toss

Some Wentworth cues

1. Bea bashes Will

2. The Big Show down

3. Two girls theme

4. A rare gentle theme from season 1.

5. Bea and Alley passion.

6. Joan’s end game ( final season)

150 thoughts on “Wentworth

  1. Got myself hooked on this show Wentworth.
    As a still very active, huge BCO fan, I gotta say, I was most impressed to discover the genius of Richard Pleasance had created the soundtrack.
    Brilliant, emotive and powerful.
    Love your w

  2. Got myself hooked on this show Wentworth.
    As a still very active, huge BCO fan, I gotta say, I was most impressed to discover the genius of Richard Pleasance had created the soundtrack.
    Brilliant, emotive and powerful.
    Love your work.

    • Thanks for the compliment Kirsty . Pete and I are mastering some new bco stuff Monday & tuesday . Rarities and b sides etc . We are going to release it soon . I’ll keep you informed . Wentworth will go to another season possibly 2 so your addiction can be appeased .cheers , Rich

      • I’d love to hear your incidentle music being played on a cd the composer to prisoner cell block h was good but your music is so much better very well written and it brings us the viewers into the drama of each episode bea smith is my favourite charater in the show danielle is a great actress can’t wait to get this series on dvd good luck with the music for the next season of wentworth love this music and the show

      • Thanks Ian , i haven’t seen cell block H , dont think it aired here .

    • what was the music played around bea last wednesday it was very good and when will was doing a favour for bea loved that music

      • I shall check it out for you Ian , do you what Ep it was ?richard

      • It was from episode 9 to the moon and it was focused around bea

      • it was from to the moon episode 9 your music was focused around bea and was in the touching scene when will visited debbie beas daughter in the morgue and told her her mum loves her very much

      • Hi Ian , i checked it out .That was a piece I wrote specifically for that scene . I usually don’t use organ but it seemed to fit that scene . I’m very glad you liked the music there because super sad scenes like that one are hard not to sound soppy or corny in . I hate it when emotional music is layer on thick and tries too hard . I strive for the music to emote but in a subtle way . Thanks from Richard .

      • unable to get the soundtrack here in the uk are there any links to it on facebook so I could hear some of the tracks please thanks

      • I believe they are working on getting it released in UK . I know it seems silly but hopefully it won’t be long . We are going to release the song on its own soon . ( in UK ) .

      • Sorry Ian – I don’t do Face book so I’m not sure about a link there .

  3. Hello and I just want to say I adore the theme to Wentworth it totally matches the drama and all the incidental bits are fab too. I’m a musician myself (in Scotland) and I love the the way you’ve mixed the minor triad in the theme then quickly slipping in to the major and back again – superb. The ‘string quartet’ idea for the closing music works too. I had to work it all out on the piano after the first episode and can’t get it out of head it goes round and round all the time! Well done Richard and good luck in the next series.

    • Thank you Stuart , you do these wondering if anyone will ever notice the minor / major shift but man you got it . Yeah I like it too , I have written a chant version with lyrics for season 2 which I’m hoping to convince the producers to use . Thanks again and good luck with your music

  4. Thanks Richard and how good of you to reply back. It’s true many people don’t always notice what’s going on within film scores but they will feel the sense of mood, even if they can’t put it into words. Kirsty’s description above is spot on. I decided to watch the new Wentworth a bit relluctantly (I was a fan of the old Prisoner) but hey I got hooked on it – and much of that was due to you and the sound scapes you made for us. I love the theme being in A minor and as I said earlier it’s that somewhat turbulent switch to and from the major tonality that always sends shivers and tingles down the back for me. The piano lead (at that pitch too) and those quirky synths totally put everyone in the mood for what’s to come and you must have seen it first hand. It’s perfect for the show and my God what a drama this is. For me you’ve all put the old Prisoner into the shade….I’ve just seen episode 10 for the first time and am off to watch them all again.

    Thanks again you’re a star.


    • Thanks Stu , so glad it’s got you in . The series has been mega successful for foxtel and they are raising the bar with the next season . The scripts and story lines are even better , it’s very exciting for me to be involved with it . I used to bitch about pay tv but I now see the value and benefits of it . Pay tv has more artistic license and can be riskier . Cheers , Rich

  5. Hi I think Wentworth is great including the soundtracks. I think you have done a very good job composing the tracks for this series they get the adrenaline pumping. I would like to as though what sound track was used in Episode 7 in the gym scene when Frankie confronts Jack’s (The Hand Crush Scene) is this available from anywhere? Thanks Joe

  6. I LOVE your music! Where can I purchase it? You are an amazing composer!

    • Thanks Ferrica , the ITunes Store sells the Wentworth theme and soundtrack and also some of my band ‘ pleasantville ‘ stuff . Cheers – let me know if you can’t find any – I could post CDs .

      • Hi Richard, any chance you have some of your soundtrack work on CD for purchase? Not a fan of compressed lossy formats so avoid iTunes. Thanks

      • Sorry Nigel , it’s s bit out of my hands .
        My own side project ‘ cherry flambé ‘ release on vinyl .

  7. Any chance you can upload the last episode “recap” music that they play before the show starts … It is amazing !

  8. I’m wondering if any of the actors, actresses add their voices to the chorus bar? I’m sure I can hear a few of their voices… Love the song, love the song…

  9. Fabulous job on the music cues. This show is emotionally gripping like no show I’ve seen before. The music serves the action and mood to great effect – bravo!

  10. Just wanted to say how much I love the score to this show, and really wish I could find the soundtrack! Is it available for sale at all right now in the US? My wife and I are big fans of the show, and the music during the scene of Bea leaving the hospital during the season 2 finale was just perfect.

  11. Absolutely love your score to this fantastic show! One of my favorite tracks so far was Bea’s exit from the hospital during the season 2 finale. Perfection! Is the soundtrack available for purchase here in the US?

  12. Hey there, i really think that the music brought this show to life. Such a treat when the icing is as good as the cake.

    I have a question if anyone can answer, what is the name of the recap music that plays at the beginning of each episode?

  13. Would you mind telling me the name of the drum track at the end where Bea Smith has killed Jacs? It’s so awesome! Thank you!

  14. Fantastic Music Richard. Your theme to Wentworth is truly amazing. Is there a Wentworth TV Soundtrack? Cannot find it.

    • Thank you Chris , it depends where you live . I know there is a Wentworth soundtrack album on iTunes Australia . If you’re not in Oz you could try tweaking some settings in your phone or computer to think its Australian . Maybe try pouring Fosters Lager into it ( don’t do this I’m joking ) . I’m just not sure if iTunes has it overseas . It may ! I don’t know . Cheers

      • What is the song where Braydon gives debbie the last shot of heroin ? Song has no words but you can hear like lasts breaths or sighing the song is beautiful and I will give my right arm for the name of that song .. please if anyone knows it please tell me thanks !

      • Hi Grace , thanks for your enthusiastic email , I’m afraid I’m going to dissapoint you though . 98 % of the music you hear in the show is music I write and record for each individual episode . That particular scene is a ripper and I was also very happy with that track . It’s not a song though , it’s just an instrumental piece . The good news is that it IS on the Wentworth soundtrack . It’s available on iTunes Australia and soon will be available in USA too . Where are you situated ?.

  15. Love this show
    Love the music
    Going crazy trying to find a song that was sung at the end of one of the shows by Toots and the Maytals

  16. Hi Richard,

    Could you upload the composition from S4E4 (Screw Lover) when Bea attacks Will? The music accompanies the scene so perfectly.

    Thank you so much!

  17. Hi, I’ve noticed that on several Bea/Allie scenes a certain theme song plays on the background, ex: when they kiss in ep 4×07, and I was wondering what the name of the piece was. Thanks and great work!

    • Thanks Maria , it’s been a while since I worked on the series , I can’t remember off hand but I remember using bits of ‘ undivided love ‘ but it could be another track I wrote . I’ll look into it .

      • Awesome, thank you. Looking forward to your response!

      • Maria i think i have found the scene you mean , i uploaded it into the wentworth section.

      • Thank you so much for uploading! I have another question, is the piece a stand alone song that’s used for their scenes only? & would you happen to know where I can buy/download it?

  18. Wentworth is such an amazing show! I love it! I also love the music in the series! I love the music that is playing at the end of episode 8, season 4. Its so haunting and great! It adds to the amazing ending to an episode. By far one of the best endings to an episode in this series with the shots, commotion and music! What is the song called? If you could upload it or something then thank you!!

    • Hi Jake , thanks for the remarks on the score. Do you mean the scene where Bea is plunged into the sink ?

      There is a lot going on from memory. The music comes in when Bea enters the equiptment room . There’s the big fight with Alley and Freak too . wooooo .

      It’s wall to wall music that ep for sure.

      You mentioned a song , Do you mean a song with lyrics because i wouldn’t have done that. I dont recall a song being sourced so i guess you mean my score music.

      Maybe you could identify exactly the bit you mean , i’ll see what i can do.


      • Hi, thanks for replying 🙂 Its the music when Kaz and Allie rush into the kitchen. Kaz is fighting Ferguson and Allie is trying to save Bea. The music is playing in the background and then it is heard more better when everything goes into slow motion and it shows you both sides, Bea lying on one side and Ferguson lying on the other. All the music in Wentworth is amazing. I love the one where Bea and Allie kissed for the first time. 🙂

        Thanks again for the reply! 🙂 🙂

      • Ok , yeah it’s part of the long piece I wrote for the end sequence . God – what an epic .
        I’ll chase it up . My favourite bit in Ep 8 is a quick scene where Joan is testing the dose of sleeping pills . That was fun .

  19. Oh cool, thank you!! 🙂 Yeah that were another great scene. It’s always interesting and fantastic to watch a scene with Joan in it because of her character. Pamela Rabe is such a great actress. Her portrayal of Joan Ferguson is dark, menacing and just so awesome. What makes her such a great baddie is the fact that she’s very intelligent, she’s tough, cold and psychotic. But it makes her so dangerous. You gotta love her!

  20. I think this is awesome and I’ve become a super fan of the series Wentworth and the soundtrack. Where can I find any of the season soundtrack music on cd? Can any one help me

    • It’s on ITunes Palmira , you must be like me ( old school ) CDs are being fazed out .
      You could just get it on iTunes and burn a CD yourself . Cheers

  21. Hello, this might be a long shot, but I was just wondering if you did the song in the background of Season 3 Episode 2, where the cells were being tossed. I know S3 was a while ago now, but having recently re-watched it, i tried to find the song without luck, would like to know what it is called.
    Thank you

  22. Hi Richard,

    There’s three scores from Season 4 that I’d absolutely love you to post here if you could. One is from Episode 3 where Linda takes Bea to see Ferguson in the middle of the night. Another is Episode 4 where Bea attacks Will and is lead down to the slot. The last is Episode 12 where Ferguson kills Bea.

    If you could post any of these, I’d be so grateful. Your work on season 4 was outstanding!

  23. I have been told and told to watch Wentworth after loving Orange Is the New Black and now I am hooked on Wentworth as well! Love it! Yry8to figure out one of the songs from Season 1 Episode 9 : “To the Moon” when the girls are all having a good time dancing right before Bea finds out about her dauh8 death. I can’t find anything out about that short song clip! Can you please shed some light on it? Thanks so much!

    • Sorry Tony I don’t know what track they used . We don’t use much sourced music , it’s 99% me . When they do , I often aren’t privy to the choice . Sorry man .

  24. I love your music on the show. It pulls me in even more. The music with Pamela Rabes character, I love it all. Is there some place I can listen to all of it or buy a copy of the soundtracks in seasons 2- present?

  25. I absolutely love the music on this show! It grips you into the show so much! There’s a piece of music played in bea/allie love scene and also played while bea is in the infirmary and allie is in hospital that I really would like to know where to find.. in other sites they’ve posted songs that weren’t in that scene.. thank you and amazing work on the music!

    • Thankyou Sarah , you won’t find it anywhere just yet , I’ll try to track down which piece you mean and perhaps post it on the site . Haven’t updated for a while.
      Thanks again

    • Sarah which Ep are you speaking of here by the way ?

      • Season 4 Ep 11 Eleventh Hour. It was also played at the beginning of Season 5 Ep 1 again was an amazing add to the intro! Probably the best music I’ve heard in any series! Thanks again.

      • Ok – i know the piece you mean now , I haven’t heard the final mix of S 5 ep1 , twaz too busy workin on other tracks but If you heard it in the recap that means they used my ALTernate mix which i preferred – GOOD.
        The piece you like has everything from backwards guitars , flutes,classical guitars and even cut up reverse samples of Wendy Morrison ( the singer who featured in the Sea Change closing credits). I find it hard writing music for love scenes , it’s hard to not be corny . Luckily the producers trust me enough to let me free range a bit . It’s a cool show to work on.

      • Forgot to mention , i posted the piece you like .

  26. The music at the end of the season one finale is amazing. One of my all time favorite scenes from any tv show, possibly just because of that music.keep it up!

  27. hi rich love the work you do for wentworth the music is fantastic 🙂 just wondering is there any way i can buy the track from bea and allie kiss in season 4 episode 7 and the beginning track from season 4 episode 8 ?

  28. Hi Richard,

    Love your music on Wentworth. The ambience it creates is terrific.

    Just out of interest, did you compose the music for the recent season 5 episode 4 scene where Sonia Stevens is trying to quickly flee her house before the police catch up with her?


  29. Hi rich!
    Just wanted to ask if you made the soundtrack in S5 Episode4 Loose Ends, when Sonia tried to flee, packed her stuff and run down the stairs. If you did compose it, is there any way to purchase it or find it online?

  30. One of my weekly highlights when the show is running is listening to the awesome recap
    music at the start. Is that available anywhere?

  31. Thank you from russian fans of Wentworth for this beautiful music!

    • Thankyou Daria , really ? It reaches Russia ? Wow that’s fantastic . I didn’t know . Is it translated or are you watching in English ?

  32. Hi Richard, I love Wentworth and your amazing score. I was wondering I make small non-profit films on Youtube and was wondering If i could use some of the score in my films and series.

    • Hi Brandon sorry man , I reckonFremantle would come around to your house in the middle of the night and cut off your ……s .
      They own the sync rights . Cheers

  33. Hi Richard.. I’m so pleased to have found your site.. I love the score music in wentworth.. you do a fabulous job.. I love Bea and Allie passion.. is there any way you could post your ALTernative Mix of it (the one that played Season 5 Episode 1 and episode 5) I would love to listen to that version it.. keep up the good work.. wentworth wouldn’t be wentworth without your scores 👌🏼 Thanks from Glasgow Scotland (UK)

    • Thanks Chris , I thought I had posted that mix on my site somewhere , maybe I didn’t . I’ll track it down n do my best . Thanks

  34. Hi rich.. Will you be uploading your scores from season 5?

    Best wishes

    Glasgow, Scotland

    • Hi Chris , I’m busy with several things st the moment , yes I will post some tracks here n there but it’s not a priority at the moment – technically I shouldn’t really do it at all . Cheers

      • Hi rich.. not a problem.. thanks for getting back to me.. sorry I bugged you.. I’m just loving your music at the moment.. can’t wait to listen to Bea and Allie passion ALTERNATIVE mix and the rest of season 5 scores and cues. Hope all is well your end.. wishing you peace and love from Glasgow Scotland

  35. Richard, your soundtracks mean everything to me. I listen to them in the car, the train or when I’m doing homework.
    I NEED, season 4 soundtracks. And the rest of season 3.
    When is that album going to be released? There are specific pieces I want to listen to.
    I’ll hassle you about season 5 next year… ❤️
    OH! I do have an extremely important question as well, I noticed you said you don’t choose all the music, but season 5 episode 2 promo, THE SONG? What is it called? I’ve looked for it everywhere, can’t find it. If you found out what it was that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Dear Moonbaby, I am flattered you like to listen to my music . I do my best to place the odd piece on the website . I’m probably technically not supposed to . You see after I hand it over it’s not really mine anymore . Fremantle own the sync rights.
      When the cd is collated I have no power over either , sorry . Cheers Richard
      Ps – I don’t see the promos but I’ll try to remember to ask about the song

    • Concerning the music of the promo I think you are speaking from there:
      michael j langley-drown

    • Hi Mooneybabe, try
      “Drown” by LangleyM / Milner Day J
      You might not find it , I think it was a production track .Rich

  36. Hi I´m also wondering about that wonderful Music when Sonia tried to flee. I must get It sound just great!!!! Love your Music Richard.

    • Hi Bissen , the music you speak of isn’t getable. One day I’m hoping we will make another Wentworth music cd , it will definitely be on it . Cheers

      • Hi again Richard. Thanks for the answer, and I really hope you´ll make another Wentworth cd and have that with Sonia trying to flee. You just have to. 😉

  37. Dear Richard
    I’m not sure too, , but it’s the music that corresponds to the preview of episode 2 season 5
    Only Monyebabe88 can confirm or not 😉

  38. Dear Richard,
    I love music is where Sonia tries to escape, and I think you’re the author. Am I right?
    Best Regards

    • Yep Catherine, it’s mine , when I get around to it I’ll post a vid of the cue , I’m sure that one will end up on a Wentworth cd one day. Cheers , Rich

  39. Hi rich.. just finished watching wentworth finale.. congrats on dong a fantastic job as per usual.. wentworth wouldn’t be the same without your music.. I cannot wait to hear the season 5 cues.. especially the alternative version on Bea and Allie passion (the one that played on season 5 Episode 1 intro and Episode 5 when Allie is looking through Beas box of belongings) that’s my favourite so far.. except for “Debbie Dies” that’s my all time favourite cue ever.. keep up the good work.. I can’t wait to hear your music in Season 6.

    Seeing Love and Peace from Glasgow Scotland

  40. Hi Richard, i am just in love with the soundtrack that you have made for wentworth. there is a particular scene from Season 4 episode 1, where vera is walking through the prison corridors at night and is walking to the drop off area for the arrival of the freak. the music from that scene is amazing. by any chance is there a way to listen it? is it available for purchase on itunes or anything? brilliant work that you do!

    • Hi William , we will probably make another soundtrack album featuring music from the 4th 5th and 6th ( in production) albums . Thanks for you appreciations . Rich

  41. The music from season 5 Ep 1 when Allie gets back from the hospital and cries into Bea’s red blanket.
    It was also played when Maxine left.

    Can you please, please, please, put that on here.

  42. I discovered a scene were your music is soooo effective. It´s in season 2, last episode when Bea getting out of the truck and returns to prison. The scene is in slowmotion and the music tempo is slower. That whole scene with Bea and the music is awsome. And when Bea says Freak….i just wanna kiss her. 🙂 You are great Richard.

  43. The beat during the scene where Sonia tries to flee before getting arrested is fantastic, please tell me there is a full track

    • Thanks , unfortunately what you heard is all there is . I sometimes extend a cue beyond its normal length and make a full track out of it . This is rare though . It’s always a rush to get all the music written and recorded in a week and try to keep it sounding fresh . Cheers , thanks for the comment

  44. Hi Rich,
    I love your work, it’s absolutely fantastic. I’ve been looking everywhere for the track ‘ Franky’s goodbye’, back in the first season when she says goodbye to her father, would you know where i can listen to it?

    Thank you !!

    • Thanks Ana , I haven’t ever posted that cue so I’m sorry but there ain’t nowhere you can here it other than Wentworth .
      Sorry , Rich

      • Hi rich.. are you able to upload your alternative version of bea and Allie passion. The one that played in season 5 episode 5 – belly of the beast. It plays 08 Minutes 21 seconds in during the scene were Allie is looking through beas box of belonging and looking at beas drawings. I love this piece, it’s so emotional. I’d love to hear it on its own. Keep up the good work rich.. Wentworth wouldn’t be Wentworth without your fantastic cues.

      • That’s too bad that it’s only about a minute long, it’s really an excellent piece. Best wishes to you and good luck! 🙂


  45. I love the music when Sonia tries fleeing and Ferguson’s Top Dog moment. Great music, Richard!

  46. Hey i just wanted yous to know that i am a HUGE fan of wentworth. I could get asked possibly any question about the show and will know the answer. I love the scores that yous do in the show. Richard does magnificant work. Such an honour. Cheers

  47. If it is possible could I ask if you try and get an extract of the Bea and Allie kissing scene where there is no talking, this is one of my favourite bits of music in the entire of Wentworth and the music doesn’t have to be just from that scene as it is repeated in the next season, I think when Allie comes back from Hospital and so is in Bea’s cell, it plays when she is in tears. I also believe it is played in a few more scenes in season 4. I hope this isn’t asking too much and btw im a massive Wentworth fan, all the best from England x

    • Hi Mathew , The music is written for the scenes and paid for by Fremantle, I’m not really allowed to put it out there . Apologies .

  48. That’s fine Richard, thank you for replying, may I ask where you get your inspirations from to create these wonderful scores ?

  49. Hey Richards, sorry for bothering you again.
    I’m watching the 6th season and I’m loving the recap song, did you compose it?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Andrea , are you talking about the instrumental music under the recaps in every Ep? If so yes , it’s mine . Or is it an actual song ? Ie lyrics


      • Yes, the recap instrumental music. It’s a bit changed from the last seasons but still awesome.

      • Thanks Andrea , to be honest it doesn’t do it for me , yes I did introduce a few more scene changes in it to try and keep it interesting . It was rushed all those years ago and now I’m kinda stuck with it . Glad you like it though . Cheers


  50. Hi. I’m a fellow muscian from Canada here,
    I love your scores in Wentworth.
    Is there a official place where I could purchase them?

    • Hello Laura thankyou so much , it’s nice knowing music travels so far . I believe the soundtrack from S1 to S 3 is available in iTunes world wide ( it will be soon if not already ) and a Soundtrack album for S4 to S 7 is gonna come out mid this year .
      Thanks again , Rich

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