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Richard Pleasance knew he was going to be a Musician since he could chew gum.

Classically trained from the age of 9 he was composing instrumental music in his teens.

He studied music at Melbourne State College and at the same time played in several seminal Australian bands, later forming Boom Crash Opera.

Although having strong pop music sensiblities his love of ethnic colours and strangeness guided him towards film & television composition.

He composed the award winning music for the hit ABC series Sea Change noted for it’s memorable acoustic flavour and the tense CH 7 crime drama series City Homicide featuring gritty electronic urban soundscapes.

Richard has worked over the years as a producer on pop albums as diverse as Augie March’s Waltz, and the late, great Jimmy Little’s Resonate.

Richard is currently composing music for the gripping drama series  Wentworth  for Fremantle media  screening on channel 5 UK

Adept in extreme variations of style from salsa to techno from the subtle pluck of an oud string to a blazing electric guitar riff; Richard’s music always emotes.

23 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Hi Richard

    I have been trying to get a copy of Galleon that you released many years ago. I have Colourblind and Felt albums. Love Colourblind especially. Can you tell me if it will ever be released again and where I can pay for a copy.

  2. What David said… been searching for Galleon… came here thinking I could buy it.

    • Hi David , it is a rare ole beast these days ( galleon ) because WEA deleted it off their list back in the days when they were deleting everyone who wasn’t making them buckets of money.
      I am still trying to re-release it but it is a slow process . When and if i get some good results i will release it on Itunes .
      Thansk , Richard P

  3. Hey Rich, love the site…some very interesting reading and listening…..I’ve actually got a question that’s a little different for you. I’m interested to hear about your time with a band who I thought would explode with their 2nd album and never did called SEVEN STORIES….have you got any comments of your time with them or thoughts on maybe where they could of got too ? Is that It is one of my all-time fav songs….were you involved in that tune ?….thanks heaps if you get a chance to read or comment

  4. I also have been on the hunt for Galleon for years – will be very excited if you re-release it!

  5. I’m another who has been on a futile hunt for Galleon. Love the song with Deb Conway. Thrilled with the new stuff though.

  6. I bought a cd of galleon a few years back on Gumtree (it was in pristine condition) to replace my lost lost tape version. A truly great album. Richard, get that thing on iTunes!!!!!!!!!!! And colourblind too. I’ve long since lost my copy.

    • Thanks Shaun , somehow I lost my copy of ‘5 gift ideas ‘ by the reels . I miss it so badly . Glad you are reunited with your cd . I can’t share your enthusiasm for Galleon – it’s just a bit too much for me . Cheers from Ruch

      • I work with Craig Hooper – if you want I can chase him up about it.

      • Wow , really . Man I was such a mad keen fan of the reels . Craig is such an amazingly soulful muzo. He had great feel on bass . I ended up doing a tour with Stephan Fidock ( reels drummer ) . He was great too , he now makes beautifully handcrafted snare drums .

  7. Guess what everyone… Galleon is now available on ITunes 😊

  8. I was such a huge Boom Crash Opera fan and you were my favourite. 27 years ago I went into Brashs in Melbourne to purchase your new CD, Galleon. I went through the racks of CDs until I found it. I was so excited. Then I looked up and there you were. I was fangirling so hard, screaming internally. I turned to you and smiled and asked “are you looking for this?” 🙂 It’s a memory I will never forget.

  9. Hey Richard. I just want to give some gratitude. In my teens I loved Boom Crash Opera, I didn’t have much cash but managed to buy one album. I saw the band on an album launch in a George St Sydney music store and it was very exciting for me. Anyway, years passed and in the lasts few weeks the song Gap that Opened popped into my head. So I looked it up in YouTube…anyway, it has brought a lot of joy back to me, listening to old albums of the 80s, memories of my teen years. We had it so good back in the 80s with so many good Australian bands and ones you can see in your own neighbourhood. So thank you (and the other members too) for making me feel young again with your music. Cheers.

  10. I have the CD of Galleon. I won’t ever part with it. Its also on Spotify for those who don’t live in the apple universe.

  11. Hi Richard,
    I’m not sure if someone else has asked this question but it is about the album Galleon.
    I’m just wondering what formats it was released on back in the day. I have the CD and found a copy of the cassette a few weeks ago but was it released on Vinyl?
    I have been looking for a copy of the Vinyl version with no success. Then I found your website and thought I’d ask instead of going around in circles for no reason in case it wasn’t released on the vinyl format.
    Any information would be great.
    Oh and thanks for the music..

    • Hi Jason , it’s nice to know there are some vinyl lovers out there , it’s also weird knowing i’m old enough to have had vinyl printed as a matter of course .
      so YES it was released on vinyl , but i have no idea of how you could get a copy . i have 1 copy which i’ll give to my kids one one day when i’m brave enough.
      Cheers Jason.

      • Thanks Richard. I appreciate you getting back to me about this. At least I know it is out there somewhere. Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to find a copy on vinyl. Thanks again.

  12. An internet search for the best sounding vinyl releases ever yields a reasonably consistent list of usual suspects from most of the music/audio forums.
    I own nearly all of the few dozen albums on vinyl that get mentioned most often, and consider my vinyl copy of Galleon to be their equal. The production values on this record are simply stunning. In addition to it being a great sounding record, the song writing and musical performances are superb from start to finish.
    Galleon never received the full attention it deserved, but there are those of us who recognise and appreciate it for the fantastic piece of work that is. Thank you for making it Richard.

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