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It’s a rap

Wentworth season 1 is completed . My last cue was delivered yesterday and the Ep 10 is mixed today.

I always feel a little bit shell shocked at the end of a big job . It’s a combination of great relief and fear .

I have a hunch that they wont be leaving it at just the one season. Work on another season wouldn’t start until towards the end of the year so  until then —— who knows.

I’ll keep you posted.

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I bought a cello

Many years ago i used to scratch out a tune on viola . I gave it up ( guitar seemed to make more sense ) . Recently i have been wondering if i could learn cello , It seemed conceivable considering i can play double bass  , To cut a long story short i bought a cello a few weeks ago . I’m no virtuoso but my viola days are slowly coming back to me . i can get a nice sounding long note (it’s harder than it sounds ) and i’m applying it already . I have used it on several wentworth cues  . I’ld like to do 15 minutes practise every day . Thats the goal anyway .

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