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Stephan Fidock

My dear old friend and musical colleague Stephan Fidock sadly died a month ago , I just can’t find enough good things to say about him . He was an exceptionally tasteful drummer , an artist , an artisan and a cracking whit . To sum up – he had soul , and heaps of it . Whilst i had lost contact with him over the journey , i had recently ( past 2 years) reconnected after bumping into him in Maldon . His fight with cancer was by all accounts very brave and dealt with in a typically Steph manner , good humor and humility . His two boys Lewis and Ruben who i met properly at his wake were his finest pieces of work , they are both fine men .Whilst they are unique individuals , spend some time with them and you will catch glimpses of Steph’s beautiful soul shining through.

I miss you Steph .