richard pleasance




I have just finished work composing my share (11 out of 20 Eps )of the music for Rock Island Mysteries. Its a kids TV series with lots of mystery, adventure and comedy. Nickelodeon and Australia‚Äôs Network 10 joined forces to produce it. They were joined in the production by Fremantle Australia, Nordic Entertainment Group and Screen Australia. It was a massive job with each episode driven heavily by music . I hadn’t up till now been involved in children’s TV so it was a bit of a learning curve. I now have a lot of respect for other composers of this genre as it is very tricky . Getting a 22 minute score to not only accent all the jokes , drama and jump scares but to have it feel homogeneous and not bit-sy was no easy task. Having said that – I’m so glad i took up the challenge , Rock Island will be enjoyed by lots of young folk I’m sure.

I’ll post some examples when I’m legally permitted to