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Brothers Nest ( music awards and streaming )

Brothers Nest music was nominated in two categories at the APRA SCREEN MUSIC AWARDS , best score and best original song (a co-write with Jo Crum ).

The movie has also been added to Itunes for hire/purchase . If you haven’t seen it , grab some popcorn , get comfy , enjoy the ride .

Cheers, Rich


Gig with Suzanne Vega

Many years ago ( 1992 )  i had the opportunity to play electric guitar on a Suzanne Vega album , The opportunity presented in LA through Mitchell Froom who i had met through Paul Hester ,

The album is 99.9F , it’s a really good album if you haven’t heard it .

Thursday night Suzanne emailed me to say   ‘ i’m playing at the Palais , we are featuring the 99.9F album ,would you like to come down and perhaps play ‘ ?

After a nano-second of deep consideration i humbly accepted the invitation.

Less than 24 hours later i was there playing with Suzanne and her fabulous band.

Suzanne’s music is timeless and classy . i feel very privileged.

Friday nights might feel a little quiet for a while .

She is touring Oz and NZ , if you get a chance to go and see her in concert – Do it .

You wont regret it .






Brothers’ Nest is to be released June 22  . It’s the Jacobson brothers movie which i recently wrote the music score for .

It is such a cool film with dark dark themes laced with razor sharp humour and buckets of soul.

The film received fantastic reviews at the SBSW film festival in USA and i’m predicting big things for this movie.

The music is available on iTunes

…   And   Spotify

SBSW Trailer is here

Rich .




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Jacobson brothers movie

SIBLING RIVALRY is the name of the new Jacobson brothers movie. It’s a dark comedy set in rural Victoria .We have just finished shooting in the most incredible location .

At this stage we are keeping details secret but it wont be long (Aug 2018) until it bursts out of the screen in all its weird glory. Lots of experimentation has gone into the score including using my friend JO JO RAINWATER on vocals

for a feature track . Jo is a local legend now in Daylesford with a deep voice that touches the difficult to reach places of the heart , He introduced me to a home made native American bow string instrument . It’s a perfect fit for this movie . Stay tuned my friends, this film will be huge.