richard pleasance


End of an era


It’s been long over due that i should pen a little note to say how appreciative and proud i am of the Wentworth series . Now after 9 seasons it has come to end in it’s production , i’m sure it will live on and prosper in the world of streaming tv drama . It’s nothing short of a miracle that the final season was successfully completed given the complications around Covid . Largely due to the wise heads and clever people producing the show.

Just a quick glance at my computer shows me that i have written literally thousands of cues for the show, some tiny and barely a note , others long and evolving . Whilst the security of such a long running show will be sorely missed i am looking forward to new horizons ( and a bit of fishing ).

I am busy at the moment creating an album of instrumental music .My aim is to record tracks that would be good to paint to. I have a friend who is an artist who enjoys working with instrumental music playing , he set me the challenge

Richard P

3 thoughts on “End of an era

  1. I would love if you could include that funny soundtrack at the end of episode 1, when Ferguson opens her letterbox and finds the passports.

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