richard pleasance


Crooked River – film clip


Willy ( my eldest son ) made this beautiful clip for the first track off the instrumental album .

I hope you like it . Please feel free to add any comments , i like seeing how it makes people feel.

10 thoughts on “Crooked River – film clip

  1. The music and the clip? Both brilliant and beautiful!!!👍👍

  2. Just beautiful. Both the music and the clip. Uplifting.

  3. To me, somewhat reminiscent of some stolen generation stories that have been shared, and who have been successfully reunited with family. Music great for reflection.

    • Thanks Anne yes , I have a friend who thought it was all about god taking his parents, the river representiong the threshold between the world and aftelife.

      I am so glad it inflames imaginations.

  4. Love it! How can we buy your new album?

  5. Fantastic soundscape Richard! Full of imagery. The video clip by your son is perfect!

  6. The video is absolutely beautiful. Love the new album. Would love to see am album of just you and Pete.

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