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Wentworth season 2 new opening titles music


WENTWORTH Season 2 has new opening titles music performed by ‘ Pleasantville ‘

The idea came to me driving through Woodend on my way home from Melbourne   . I quickly jotted it down on my portable recorder ( phone )and recorded it the next day with Michelle singing the chant over & over until it sounded like a choir.

I hope you like it , if you don’t – hang in there , it grows on you .



123 thoughts on “Wentworth season 2 new opening titles music

  1. I like it! What about a full version?)

    • Thanks Nina ,I never intended for it to be a full song but who knows . The sea change theme started off as a 45 sec theme and i later developed it into a 4 minute song .
      Anything is possible . thanks again , Rich

  2. Yes my daughter made me search and search for the opening song of Wentworth, not realising it wasn’t a full song but at least she now knows. She even got her phone to Shazam it but couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t pick the song up That’s when I decided to google it and eventually found this site.
    My daughter would love if you did develop this into a full song.
    Thanks Rich.

  3. Love the new music its such a haunting tune would love to have a complete song. Its awesome please complete it! Im sure there are plenty of fans that would love it too. I want it as a ringtone as i keep humming it all the time..

    • That’s what we like to hear . So glad you like it . I think I will have crack at fleshing it out . I have reinvented it got season 3 also . It’s a bit nine inch nails now . Cheers

  4. I love the new opening and it will be aswesome if you develop it to a full song… like probably most who found their way here i was looking to find out where i could get the full version lol.

    …Now I really wanna hear your NIN version!!! lol!

  5. I like it.

    It reminds me of ‘If I Had A Heart’ by Fever Ray which is used on the opening credits of the show Vikings.

    I also would like to hear a full version of the Wentworth song.

    Good Song Pleasantville.

    • Thank you Paul . I haven’t heard the VIKINGS track , so i ‘you tubed’ it this morn . Yeah i guess it has a similar modal drone to it . I like it .I would like to complete the wentworth theme into a song .
      I’ll get around to it one day .

      Cheers .

    • I had thought the same thing when I heard it. Reminded me of a cross between Vikings and Nip/Tuck, though after listening back, the Nip/Tuck theme isn’t that similar. The instrumental part at the beginning was reminiscent, but then went in it’s own direction. I do love the Wentworth theme.

  6. Love this opening song! I always find myself either singing or humming it for ages after the show has finished. A full version would definitely be amazing….😃

  7. Hi Rich, I’ve just started watching Wentworth in England and love the music the start. I am always looking for music for my daughter to dance to in competitions and this would make an amazing lyrical tune for her. I really hope you develope it into a full track, I could listen to it over and over again. Love it
    Sharon x

    • Thankyou Sharon , I love hearing from folk on the other side of the world . I hope your daughter finds a suitable piece , i would like to flesh it out into a song and have just started work on it .
      We shall see . Cheers , Rich .

  8. Hi There, I love this tune and have been looking to see if there is a longer version to download on itunes, Its very similar in feel to the theme tune to House MD

  9. Totally agree with everyone, please please make a full version of this track, it is amazing!

  10. At first I was a bit sceptical about the whole lyrics thing but then as you said it grew on me brilliant, sets the tone to the show. I’ve been looking everywhere for the chords lol it’s scarily catchy. I’m surprised to hear it’s not an actual song yet. Well basically it was great lol still got me chanting lol

    • Thanks Gazza , season 3 version gets harder and tougher again .
      I am working on a song version but hitting a few hurdles . We will see.
      It cycles around Gm Bb F C / G Bb F C . hope this helps . cheers RP

  11. Hey Defo need the full version ASAP lol. Love it here in sunny scotland x

  12. Good luck on the nomination. I will certainly be looking at I tunes. Thanks again and GL

  13. Hope you get over the hurdles soon! Fingers crossed you will get a full song out i love it 🙂

  14. Love theme tune just as much as the show. I would love that tune as my ringtone xx

  15. I have been searching for a full version of the song since I heard it- hope your successful in finishing it! Love the theme tune

  16. I absolutely love it. ……. I had to record it off the telly…. I can’t stop singing and listening to it!!!!! Xxx

  17. its very weird but a couple of years ago i had this intro in my head before this was even created and at the time was looking for the lyrics of the songs but could never find it. hmm…… i suppose a lot of strange things happen in life and never get an answer for it.

  18. Just to make absolutely sure……. what EXACTLY are the words please xxxx

  19. Ahhh wicked. …. so I haven’t been making a total muppet of myself singing the wrong words!!!! Hahaha xxx

  20. No _ Hold your head up high – we are muppet free !

  21. I don’t have iTunes. ….. how do I get your album???? Bearing in mind im a bit of a techno phobe!!!! Hahaha xxx

  22. Would love this as ring tone is that possible

    • Im sorry Jennette , I haven’t prpaed a ring tone – I’m sure fremantle would own the rights to that sort of thing .

      I reckon a good ole phone tone would be better .


  23. So what can I do then hun???? Xxx

  24. Great Song man! Can it be bought/downloaded?

  25. Hi can u send the tune so that can download as a ringtone as hooked on it

    • I’m sorry Dawn ,sorry but no . it is the property of Fremantle .
      ps i’m tempted to make a cheeky remark about your lack of tact and bad grammar but i’ll hold back because you have shown a liking for my music .
      cheers , Richard P
      ps – i know , i’m old -school .

  26. Greetings from the UK. I’ve just spent about 30 minutes looking for the theme to Wentworth and eventually found you and now I have the answer to why I can’t find it. Please add me to the list of people that would love to hear a full version when you have time. Sounds like you are busy working on Season Three. I will check back often great work definitely a fan 😉

    • Thank you Ken , It is very thrilling to know that music reaches out so far . Season three is now all done . I am praying ( in a non religious way ) for season 4 . There is still no word on it but fingers crossed.
      cheers .Richard P

  27. I love it, but my hearing is not that great and it’s hard for me to understand. What are the lyrics? Especially what is being said in the background. I can hear (I think) “you don’t know me, when I don’t know you” being sung as the main part. Thanks xx

    • You got it Alison , the other line is ‘ you’re calling me in , you’re catching me out . They intersect and intertwine . I quite like how they are a bit indistinct . I find it a bit intriguing when lyrics hint rather than spell out . Hopefully i have done this . Cheers from Rich .

  28. Never mind, my apologies, just had to read more thoroughly through the existing comments. Thanks! You’re very talented.

  29. Greetings From the USA (Maryland) , I love the tune and can’t wait for the full version. I’m also glad now that I know the lyrics for the background. Thanks and great work.

  30. I’ve had this on repeat for two days…please please make a full version!

  31. I also kept looking for this “song” and I am so sad there isn’t a full version! I really encourage you to continue the vibe you have here and make the full song!! I love it 😀

  32. Love it and want the full song too!

  33. I really love the opening song! I love this show. Shout out from America! Please let us know when it’s a full song. 🙂

  34. Ilove these show and the song

  35. Please, please, please release an extended version of theme. The whole family loves it, very haunting.

  36. Can I please reiterate that. I have just finished watching season two of Wentworth and have that song going in my head all day after watching. I just presumed it would be on itunes because it’s such a good song.Would love a whole song.

  37. I looked it up because it sounded so familiar…came across this page reading the comments and whatnot and am glad ur gonna do a full version. Then it popped into my head what it reminded me of…especially in the beginning…reminds me of the nip tuck song.

  38. Seattle, here. I just finished binge-watching both seasons this last week. OMG it is a wonderful series, and I’m already going through DT’s to see the third. Like everyone else here, I tried to find the whole song until I found this site. I can’t wait to hear the new version for season three with the NIN vibe. Amazing work, all around.

    • Thanks mims , i really hope a season 4 eventuates . You should start pestering the WW facebook page . Season 3 is awesome and coming soon . Cheers . Richard P

  39. Love your music and what it does for the show.

    • Thanks Dale , i appreciate uour comment . Music plays a big part in the flavour of a film or series . Its a deal breaker for me , if i dont like the music or if there is too much music driving the narrative then i can’t get into the show . Thanks again .RP

  40. I hope you do make this a whole song. Or just release it as is.

    • Thanks Dayna , I’m in the process of compiling and extending cues from all 3 seasons for an album . The opening song will get some treatment for sure . Cheers

  41. I have just recently begun watching Wentworth and when I heard this tune I got hooked, I have searched so much after the full version and got really disappointed when I found your site saying that there isn’t one 😦 I love wentworth and I’m so excited for season 3!!! By the way, I’m from Sweden 🙂

    Keep up the good work and pleeeeeeease make a full version of this! I freaking love it.

  42. Is the opening song to Wentworth season 2 a full track yet? Great work.

    • Yep Aaron , it’s a full song , hopefully the legal stuff will get sorted soon and it can be released . Season 3 is airing in April and I think the Track will surface then too .cheers

  43. Hey Rich can we buy the full version of season 2 opener yet…really looking forward to purchasing it..

  44. Love the show and the music! Great work.
    Watching from Canada!

    • Thanks Angelina , that’s very exciting that the show reaches Canada ( a place I have always wanted to see ) it’s always been a dream of mine to get some work in Canada and live there for a 6 months or so . Gotta dream ! Rich

  45. Hi there!

    Currently watching the show and love the song, but myself and some friends argue about why the actual lyrics are for the song.
    I thought it says “I don’t own you” while my mates thought it was “I don’t know you”

    Would love if you could clear this up and settle the argument!

    Love the work!

    • I think it’s ‘You don’t know me, When I don’t know you’ and then ‘You’re calling me in, you’re catching me out.’

      Maybe a reference to getting arrested and sentenced?

      I don’t know, but either way it’s as still as addictive as when I first posted 🙂

      • Well done Paul you get the chocolates . And yes that what the intention of the lyrics are . It’s suggestive so I don’t want to say exactly what it’s about . A bit like a nursery rhyme . ️Rich

  46. It’s April now…… is there a song release? I love love love the song.

  47. Whats the song called

  48. love love the song you dont know me, would love to have a full version of it or a ring tone loveeeee it

  49. Yes, do a song! I have been googling the lyrics and was sad to find out it’s not a song. Anywho… I love love love Boomber! She’s the bomb!

  50. Hi, anyone knows the opening music from season3? I mean the background music when we see “previous on wentworth”(for example s03e11). Sorry for bad english 😦

    • Hi cshane , yes that music I wrote specifically for the recaps . Each episode’s recap is a little different in length so I usually tweak each one . Richard P .

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