richard pleasance


6 thoughts on “Galleon on Itunes

  1. I still rate it in my top 5 albums of all time……… sure thats a big call – but it’s so gut wrenchingly honest and lyrically fantastic

  2. It is a truly fantastic album with beautiful honesty. I love how you echo the motions of a relationship so well – beautifully captured in the arc of relationships that you sum up in a single song – ‘Why Can’t You Love Me’. I have been listening to this album ever since it came out in 1991 (I remember when I bought it, it came with bonus photo cards) and never cease to be amazed at this song and album.

    I was disappointed it did not get the success it deserved – a bit like Mark Lizotte’s first self named solo album – Soul Lost Companion. Both sadly overlooked.

    Enjoy all of your work. BCO was definitely the poorer for your departure (and hope the tinnitus is under control).

  3. Getting all nostalgic here i still have a sneaky copy on vinyl which i purchased through the BCO fan club back in the day.

    Richard have a listen to Richard Hawley’s album Coles Corner’s beautiful stuff.

    • Thanks Andrew , I’ll try to track down a copy on your recommendation.
      You can’t go passed Elliot Smith in case you haven’t heard him .
      Cheers .RP

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