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Moonman is a new comedy screening on ABC iview at the moment . It will air in the next month .

It’s part of the ABC’s ‘ Comedy showroom’ set . The idea is that of the six new comedy’s the one with the most votes will go to series.

This is a lovely show with heart and humour . The music is pretty good too ( he he he ) .

Please watch and vote.


4 thoughts on “Moonman

  1. Hi Rich

    Mum & I have seen and loved the first episode, and of course we will vote for it , (even if it had been crap, which of course it wasn’t)
    Could you inform your low teck parents, when do we vote, ie surely we have to wait for a few more episodes to place a legitimate vote. Any how, just give us the drum, and we will see if the oldies from Cherry Tree Grove can influence the viewing habits of Victorians.

    I have had a few problems with my blood pressure lately, and when it settles down , I will make a day the bring the canoe up for you to take over its reconstruction.


    Mum & Dad,

  2. Is the music composition for Moonman available for purchase (please)?

    • Cheers Pat , no , i wrote specifically for the Moonman series should it go ahead . You never know , if it gets a Guernsey the music could be released . Here’s hoping .

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