richard pleasance


5 thoughts on “Colourblind now on Itunes

  1. Wow I just went on Spotify and there was the Wentworth and Kenny soundtracks too !

    Do you mind me asking why on season 1 of Wentworth the intro titles were instrumental and then in the last season they added the vocals too ?

    Cheers hope your are well

    Daniel McGivern 0411475075


    • The idea was to have a slightly different mix or theme each season . The lyrics point to how little we really know about prison life – and how fascinated we are . The short answer is – I had the song in my head and the producer liked it – snap .

  2. “More fragile than we ever thought” said the robot to the astronaut…Live Together still one of my favourites.

  3. Just listening to Love is All on a compilation album. Do you still have some CD copies of Colourblind available to sell?

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