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I know the music i make now is very different to what i was up to in the eighties but heck – it rocks .

Like an un-fit footy player with groin soreness ; these songs for some reason never really got a guernsey .

This is a portion of a song called  ‘ change ‘ It’s as close as we ever got to a power ballad .

8 thoughts on “Lost Things – BOOM CRASH OPERA

  1. Is Knock Em Down on the list for release Rich?

    • Sorry Andy , nope it’s not on the LP .

      • Really looking forward to the upcoming BCO rereleases. I’ve been priviged to hear many of the unreleased BCO tracks in the archives, and you should be justifiably proud of them (your cast-offs were better than many bands’ A-sides!) I did donkeywork in Metropolis when BCO were recording the “abandoned session” (Cheated Out Of Heaven, Dreaming Up A Fire, Isn’t It Love, Knock em Down etc). The sounds emanating from the studio (at least those that I could hear over the racous Kings Of The Sun in the adjacent studio…) were mesmerising. I still firmly believe you would’ve been *MASSIVE* had these sessions been released. C’est la vie…

      • Wow , thanks . You should be hired to write the bands bio’s and tracking notes . They were great times but we were under so much pressure to make hits , it felt like what ever we wrote wasn’t good enough for the record co and management . It messed with our minds . Anyway , we survived , and still love making music . Thanks again from Rich .

  2. Hey, thanks for the response. Isn’t that just the most frustrating paradox? It wasn’t up to the record co/management’s exacting standards and yet, as a fan (and as a band, I assume), the 1991 Metropolis sessions were *exactly* what I wanted to hear from BCO back then. I seem to recall these songs going over v.well in gigs at the time too. You’d think the “powers that be” would be only too happy to have the fans’ tick of approval, wouldn’t you? Nevermind… at least you all appear to have made it out with senses in tact. Cheers, Dom

    • Well said, Dom! The early 90’s were very funny musically with the explosion of Grunge music. It became very fashionable to look like a down and out person, models like Kate Moss had the “heroin chic” look (whatever that fucking means) and everything cool from the late 80’s became uncool based on the economic state of the western world at the time. So many great bands lost their way during that era due to the “know it all” corporate industry knobs. I’m glad BCO has had the opportunity to release the music we (fans) were robbed of..

  3. “Change” is a great song that was meant to be heard. I hope to hear it live sometime in Adelaide soon. Hope you are well Richard. Looking forward to The Lost Ones and another BCO show. Blessed that you guys are still together.

  4. Hi Richard, I just purchased “the lost things” from itunes and I absolutley LOVE the track ‘change’. What an awesome song.
    2 questions for you if you don’t mind;
    1. What album was change supposed to be on?
    2. I would like to purchase the first pleasantville album? Can you put it on itunes Australia?
    Darrin Brown

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