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Favourite Wentworth cue


Warning this scene is a spoiler if you haven’t seen the series ( UK viewers take note )

This scene is so sad even after working on this scene for hours i still cry at the end .

An interesting exercise is to watch it with and without music. It illustrates how much emotion music adds to cinema .

The cue is simple it’s just piano , controlled guitar feedback and echo , percussion and various vocal samples .

10 thoughts on “Favourite Wentworth cue

  1. I 100% agree, this episode alone should win every TV show award going, it just about check every box. The song is amazing and just says a thousand words – I just can’t find the song anywhere!

    • Hi Alex thanks for your nice comments . This was the Ep I submitted my music for the Apra awards . I agree it is a moving episode . The next season is shaping up to be better again in writing . Which song are you talking about ? Do you mean the instrumental track when Debbie dies ? Richard

      • Yes, the final song when Debbie dies. I have had that episode on repeat for days, I just find it mesmerising!

      • Ok , well it isn’t a song as such , there are no words or singing . I wrote it just for that scene . Maybe I will fit some singing in one day. ( my wife likes to do this ) . They end up Pleasantville songs .

  2. Hi Richard please tell me how i can get a copy of these track its so beautiful

  3. I agree with the earlier posters, this sequence is stunning and the music is quite perfect. I replay it over and over again. Well done.

  4. Richard i just love this scene, music & sound is just so powerful, i tell everyone watch it 1st without sound, its amazing thanks again, are you on Facebook by chance, i have a group page Australian Entertainment Industry & Services would love for you to join & share with us all, anyways cheers & thankyou for your wonderful talent oh & your wife aswel.

    • Wow thanks Noel , I’m told that FB is good for that sort of stuff but I’m a bit of non FB guy – sorry . I figure if people want me they can find me ( like you did ) . Michelle does . Maybe I’ll check your site on her account . Cheers

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