richard pleasance


4 thoughts on “‘Lock and Key’ on wentworth tonight

  1. Where can I buy this song and who is Michelle

    • Hi Jo , You can buy it from the itunes store .

      I am putting the finishing touches on our second album as i write this . It should be up there in about a month or two depending on how fast i can get it mastered.

      ( Michelle is my wife ) check out her art .

      Thanks for your interest , cheers , Rich

    • Hi jo , I just had a look in the iTunes Store , if you do a search for pleasantville you will see our old album ( hill of beans ) and ‘ lock and key ‘ single

  2. I love it, it’s a very sensual song. With my classmates of cinema school we are looking for this kind of song, without lyrics… That’s too bad because Michelle’s voice is so great. I can’t find something better than you’re song. I really love it!
    I can’t wait to listen what you’re composing for Wentworth season 2. 🙂

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