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The lost things and rarities


Boom Crash Opera are going to release a cd with lost and rare tracks . We have been digging out cassettes and 1/4 inch tapes unearthing songs we haven’t heard for up to 30 years . Although the songs sound SUPER 80s and very daggy in places it has been a heap of fun to hook up with dear friends and together hear the raw energy in the music . ps – there are some gems in there .

old friends

Pete , Maz , me and Spock  ( old friends )

6 thoughts on “The lost things and rarities

  1. G’day Rich. Why don’t you run “Spirit Of Progress” up the flagpole and see who salutes it…I certainly will!!

  2. Rich,

    I did a similar thing about two years ago.
    Some of those old cassettes and 1/4″ were just not built to last.
    Who said “Ampex” were the industry standard??
    All that stretching, warping and rust galore.

    It was time consuming, but lucky we now have some assistance in this digital age.

    Good luck with the project.


    • Actually our old tapes still sound pretty good surprisingly . i dont even mind a bit of hiss , it takes off some off the harsh eighties edges.

  3. Hi Rich,

    Any idea when the tracklist will be released? And when the physical release will come out?
    Can’t wait.

    • Thanks Stephen , i’m not sure when it’ll be released ,soon i think . I’ll attempt to get a track list for you .

      I thought i had it on my computer , it has changed so many times i cant keep up .

      cheers. Richard

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