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Wentworth soundtrack 2


It’s soundtrack time again , I have been asked to arrange my favorite Wentworth cues for Soundtrack number 2 .

It will draw from seasons 4 5 6 and 7 . Any suggestions are welcome . Just drop me a note explaining the Episode and scene .

Cheers .

13 thoughts on “Wentworth soundtrack 2

  1. Hi Richard,
    A personal favourite of mine was the music that played when Bea and Allie kissed, the music is in the video you uploaded on your “Wentworth” page, I believe the theme then played again when Allie was cleaning the canteen in the same episode as the kiss took place.
    Another one of my favourites was the Bea and Allie passion theme which you also published on your page, i would love to see both of these in your second soundtrack.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Hi Rich,

    Perhaps the song from S4E01 when Vera is walking to meet the Freak when she arrives at Wentworth and then also in S5E06 after the tongue incident and Joan becomes Top Dog. Also I can’t remember all the scenes but most of the tracks that you have created when there is movement (usually one of the Governors heading down the corridors with purpose – hope that makes sense) are really good too.



  3. I’d love for Bea and Allie passion to be on the track list both original and your alternative version of it.

  4. Hi Richard. Not sure if this is too late to suggest but any music throughout Bridget & Franky’s scenes would be awesome. I also love the music we heard when Franky came to visit Bea. Thank you & looking forward to seeing your choices!

    • Hi Amber , thanks , do you know which series and Ep for when Frankie visits Bea ?

      • I believe that was season 4 episode 9, ‘Afterlife’ it was a small piece when they hug. There’s also a gentle piece that plays neaing the end of their scene which carries over to a scene of Allie in the yard. Thank you for your response.

      • Thankyou Amber , I think I overlooked that moment . Yes it is a nice one . Gee you are a keen listener . Richard.


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