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I haven’t been slacking off – promise

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It’s been a long time since i blogged about my world so here we go .

I have recently put the finishing touches on the ‘ Cartwheel’s ‘album which we recorded in 2 weeks solid .

It’s a great country album featuring some excellent playing and performances. No click tracks , no auto tune & not many over dubs . It was as honest a session as it gets these days.

Also i have been working with Grant Fraser once again . This time one his ‘ Rembrandt’s ghost ‘ short film . It is a collection of Grant’s poems imagining the ghost of Rembrandt walking around the museum inspecting and sharing thoughts on his paintings . The music is a kind of cheeky Baroque if you get my drift .

Another project i have been working on at the moment is TOP SECRET  apparently . I have invited Pete Farnan to collaborate with me on this one . We are writing the opening credits sequence / song for a soon to be released show ( sorry that’s all i can say without getting castrated  )

Finally – The pleasantville album 2 which i thought would be all done by now has been pushed back but i’m pleased to say that Michelle and i are on the case and cutting tracks again.

here is a taste of a brand new  song . It’s as humble as pie and as sweet as honey . I hope you like it .

 The lazy song

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