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Critic’s choice review , Melinda Houston june 8th 2013


Wednesday, 8.30pm, SoHo

Dark, sexy, wonderfully edited, with a great soundtrack and (mostly) great performances, Wentworth continues to be a winner. Tonight the action revolves around Franky (the terrific Nicole  da Silva) being released from solitary. Naturally, Jacs (Kris McQuade) has a little surprise planned and the girls are forced to choose sides. Meanwhile, on the other side of the wire, Will (Robbie Magasiva) is struggling with the death of Meg and the secrets she’d been keeping. Danielle Cormack as Bea Smith continues to impress, and she must be loving such a meaty, multifaceted role. Despite the violence – and there’s often a lot of it – this is as much a story of friendship as it is enmity, and the whole package has not just the toughness we loved about Prisoner, but also genuine emotional punch.

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2 thoughts on “Critic’s choice review , Melinda Houston june 8th 2013

  1. Catherine McClements was the main reason I wanted to watch Wentworth in the first place, so to say I’ve been rather disappointed with that storyline is an understatement! I do like Robbie Magasiva and Aaron Jeffery in it though, so I keep watching.

    Great work on the music Richard, it’s been fantastic 🙂

    • Hi Rachel. I hear you .Even I was shocked at the end of ep 1 . It’s not often that an A grade actor is killed off in Ep 1.
      I think it’s bold and unpredictable . I don’t think you’ll be disappointed , she still maintains a ghostly presence throughout the series . Thanks for your compliment re the music . Cheers .richard

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