richard pleasance


6 thoughts on “‘Lock and key’ on itunes

  1. great song! really made the nightclub scene what it was. will definitely be buying as soon as its available 🙂

    • Thanks Cliff , it should be available now as a single . We intend to release a new pleasantville album in about 2 months which will include the song as well . Cheers

  2. One of the best songs EVER!!!! So sensual!!! Where can I find the lyrics? I’m from Italy and there’s some word I can’t understand so good

    • Hello Silvia , so nice to hear comments as far away as Italy . Lock and key can be bought on itunes . Just look up our band ‘ pleasantville ‘ there should be our older album ‘ hill of beans ‘ there too . We are going to release a new album soonish which will have ‘ lock and key ‘ on it aswell . The little town we live near ( Yandoit ) was colonised by Swiss Italians , the kids in our area learn Italian at school . It’s amazing how of an impact Italy has made on the globe .
      Thanks again . Richard .

  3. The song was used in a Dutch tv-series today, loved it immediately!! Keep up the good work! Greetings from the Netherlands

    • Thanks , Glad you like it , we have finished what we think is really good album but just waiting got iTunes to accept the booklet . Richard

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